Servo Motors

Servo motors are dynamic and complex motors that place special requirements on overhaul and repair. The correct alignment of the position detection systems such as tacho position encoders, resolvers and SINCOS encoders is a basic prerequisite for exact commutation and correct operation of the servo motors.

With our many years of experience and specially equipped workshops, Baumuller Reparaturwerk is your partner for the reconditioning of DC servo motors, AC servo motors and disc motors - irrespective of the manufacturer.

With flat-rate prices for defined service packages, we offer you quick and efficient processing - from the enquiry to delivery and installation and commissioning. Extensive function and load tests prior to delivery document the quality of the repair.

Experienced specialists for high quality reconditioning and recommissioning of your servo motors

Added value through competence

The routine inspection of all wearing parts significantly reduces the probability of a renewed failure of your servo motor. In the case of repetitive faults we advise you on the cause of the fault and provide suggestions to rectify the situation. In close consultation with you, we adapt your servo motors to increase their reliability and availability.

If needed, we can provide an express repair with delivery often on the same day as the order. If a repair is uneconomical, we will offer you a comparable servo motor from the Baumuller series.

Our objective is your benefit:

Efficient and high quality repair for a longer and more reliable operation of your servo motors

Your benefits

  • Efficient and quick processing with defined service packages at fixed prices
  • Increased efficiency and cost saving potential as a result of the provision of service by a single partner
  • Precise alignment of the encoder to your application, prior to delivery, thereby simplifying the recommissioning of the servo motor
  • Very short standard delivery times with option of express repair and as a result reduced downtimes
  • 24-hour, 7-day a week availability and quick rectification of malfunctions on site if necessary
  • Only genuine spare parts are used for the repair to ensure consistent high quality

AC/DC servo motor repairs

Keys to successful AC/DC servo motor repairs

Does your shop rely on AC/DC servo motor technology to keep production moving? If so, you know that a poorly performing servo motor can bring production to a halt, resulting in costly downtime. Spec Repair Services has specialized in servo motor repairs and testing for over 40 years. As an authority on understanding servo motor performance, Spec knows there are four golden rules to successful servo motor repairs.

They are:

  • High voltage surge testing
  • Stressing the motor windings to check for breakdown under high voltage
  • Proper alignment of the feedback to the motor poles
  • Complete system closed-loop testing

Spec analyzes and evaluates motors for vibration, temperature fluctuations, bore run-out and, of course, electronic integrity. Drives are repaired to OEM specifications and are load tested to check for proper voltage and current characteristics. To complete the repair cycle, Spec’s trained technicians perform bench tests, as well as extensive system/closed-loop testing, to ensure the performance of each servo motor we service.